Aurora Larrea, Colon Therapist

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Aurora Larrea

Colon Hydrotherapist


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Aurora has always enjoyed working for the health services. She has been a certified colon hydrotherapist since 2006. She holds a certification from the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre.
Aurora is passionate about offering the benefits of colon hydrotherapy to her patients because she sees how much better they feel with these treatments. “It is very rewarding when I hear people say that they are feeling better and becoming more regular. Our digestive tract is truly the root cause of many health problems” says Aurora.
She has been successfully working for Miranda Naturopathic Clinic as our Colonic and Ionic Detox Therapist since June 2006. She enjoys helping people and advising them in how to feel better. It has been said by many of her patients that “she is perfect for this job”. Her gentle and motherly nature really helps everyone feel very comfortable during the procedure. Aurora is dedicated to helping everyone on their journey to optimum health and wellness.
We are really happy to have her as part of our health care team!