30 Day Guide to Reduce Your Bloating in 4 Weekly Steps

Follow these healthy habits for 30 days and reduce your bloating naturally.

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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I want to share with you my personal story. 

When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with three conditions: severe facial acne, arthritis in the hands and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Yes, I was only 19 years old! 

Of course, I did what most people would do…I went to my family doctor.  He told me that I needed to take Metamucil for the rest of my life, prescribed arthritic medication and long term antibiotics for 6 months.  I remember leaving his office feeling terrible.  I was 19 years old and I would have to take medication for “the rest of my life”.  How was it possible that I was only 19 years old and I was already taking “arthritic medication”!  How was it possible that I had to endure 6 months of antibiotics when it was only making my IBS symptoms worse everytime I took one pill. 

I was depressed and feeling hopeless and I did not know what to do.  Until someone told me to try a Naturopathic Doctor and so I did.  I have to admit, I was skeptical… especially when I got to her office and she was only focused on my digestive tract.  I kept saying, “How about my hands…. How about my skin!!!”  

I thought she wasn’t listening but at that point I had no other choice but to follow her recommendations.

I am not lying when I say that it only took 10 days! Yes, my friends, 10 days for my bloating, gassiness and loud gurgling noises to go away.  Suddenly I became a lot more regular with my bowel movements too.  Guess wat happened, 2 to 3 weeks later, to my dismay the joints of my hands were not stiff in the mornings or on rainy days.  And finally 1 month later my skin!  Yes, my skin, cleared up too. 

It took 1 month and not only did my digestive tract symptoms improve but my other health concerns did as well. And I did it without long term medication!

This is what I want for you!  This is why I want to share these 4 weekly steps that I did for myself and that I have been helping many other patients with in the past 18 years.  

You are going to feel fantastic, so, let’s get started…[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


30 Day Guide to Reduce Your Bloating in 4 Weekly Steps

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Dr. Sandra Miranda ND

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