Covid Vaccine Update & Your Fertility

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January 17, 2021
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Covid Vaccine Update & Your Fertility

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

There are so many unknowns in regards to the Covid vaccine and with it coming to the market so quickly, there are many uncertainties in terms of its safety and efficacy.  Without being able to rely on years of clinical studies there is a lot that we just don’t know at this time.  Whether to receive the vaccine or not, it is a matter of deep personal consideration and decision making.  You need to take into account your level of concern, your lifestyle, and risk factors.

As more and more Canadians are getting the Covid-19 vaccination this month, it is unclear as to whether or not the injection can actually prevent the spread of the virus or not.

So far, for those who receive the 2 dosages of the vaccine (1 month apart), it seems to protect them against getting a severe case of Covid-19 illness according to Pfizer and Moderna but there does not seem to be any evidence that it will stop you from transmitting the virus.  What does this mean? 

This means that just because you get the vaccine, it does not mean that you are protecting those around you.  Yes, you are still contagious even after getting both shots.  Yes, you will still need to wear your mask and you will still need to social distance even after receiving both shots.  It seems to work similar to the flu shot in this respect.  Just because you get the flu shot, it does not mean you can’t get the flu and you cannot transmit the flu to someone else. 

Covid-19 vaccine and your fertility.

Many of you have reached out asking me if the Covid vaccine can affect women’s fertility.   This may be a concern because there is a similar protein structure produced by the Covid vaccine to one found in the human placenta.  The question is if the antibodies formed as a result of the vaccine could attack the placenta, making pregnancy more difficult. 

In reality, even though there is a similar protein structure, it is not the same.  There does not seem to be any evidence of getting the Covid vaccine and altered fertility.  Infertility is not considered a likely side-effect of the vaccine at the moment.  But if this changes, I will be the first one to let you know.

NOTE- this post is meant for information and support only.  Please check with your own physician before making any medical decisions.

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