Functional Hormone & Nutritional Blood Test

This is the most common blood test we usually start all our patients with to figure out where they are at nutritionally and hormonally. It is a powerful tool that Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND uses to assess patients, identify dysfunction and treat health problems early.

Blood work should not be used as a diagnostic tool to only determine the presence or absence of disease. When blood work is used from a functional perspective, blood chemistry analysis can identify and treat imbalances before they manifest as a disease. For example, it identifies iron deficiency before it becomes anemia or insulin resistance before it becomes diabetes.

It not only tests for a comprehensive thyroid panel, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and stress hormones but also nutritional levels such as vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and vitamin D. This test has the capability of testing a wider array of analytes compared to other hormone tests and it is a broadly accepted method of measuring levels.

This type of blood work analysis is the cornerstone needed to direct a patient’s journey to optimal health.

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