Mood Swings, Low Energy and Insomnia

DH – 39 year old lady full time teacher
DH has been my patient for a few years but came back to see me after almost 1 year. She reported to have been overall ok. But lately her moods and energy were at a 5/10. She had broken up a relationship a few months ago and had started smoking again (although it was only a couple per day). She had stopped exercising, she was waking up at 3am and not able to fall asleep again, and of course was feeling bloated and gassy. She wanted to get back on track and did not know how.

We decided to get her started with a modified fasting cleanse that would suit her busy lifestyle. Her cleanse included (between other things) lots of water, a detox smoothie for breakfast that included good quality protein, ground flax seeds and greens. She also had many green juices throughout the day (store bought because she had no time to juice herself), and of course stayed away from junk food.

3 weeks later, DH came back and she said “I feel good, I feel really good”. She had lost 5 lbs, felt lighter, more energized, more focused. Her sleep improved, she was able to get back to the gym and even quit smoking again.

This is a great example on how our bodies are in a constant desire to heal. We just need to give it what it needs. Short term cleanses can have a huge impact on your energy, focus, weight and even your sleep.

When was the last time you did a cleanse?

Stress and Weight Gain

MC - 38 year old mother of 2 small girls
The last 2 years had been very stressful for her with problems at work, at home and financial. She had gained 20 lbs within the first 6 months and had now plateau at that new undesirable weight. She was not able to shed the extra pounds no matter what she did. Not only did she need help losing the weight but she was also suffering with insomnia and a racing heart. She was feeling depressed and negative saying things like “I feel there is no way out”.

When I took her case, MC was already exercising 4 x week and her diet was very good (following a healthy keto diet). Her thyroid levels were excellent according to the blood work.

We decided that the best thing was to start with weekly “Destress me” IM shots. These shots have a combination of vitamins that help support our adrenal glands (our stress glands). We did these for 4 weeks and then switched her to “fat burner” IM shots for another 6 weeks. After the first 4 weeks, her racing heart, energy, insomnia and moods improved. To date, she has lost a total of 12 lbs and is feeling optimistic and excited about continuing in her path of healing.

Low Energy

TC- 80 Year Old Lady
Her main concern was feeling tired, weak and shortness of breath. Her energy was at 2/10 to the point that she couldn’t exercise at all. She would wake up tired and had to lie down many times during the day. She had recently gone for a physical exam and her medical doctor told her everything was “normal”.

She had the history of a bypass (18 yrs ago), asthma (4 yrs ago) and thyroid problems (5 years ago) controlled with medication. She was sleeping on average 8 hours. She lived alone but had the wonderful support of her family who lived closed by. Her diet was healthy and took some vitamins to help.

Considering that her diet was already fairly healthy, we decided to start by giving her 4 sessions (once a week) of IV vitamins treatments – Meyer’s cocktail. After only 1 month, TC’s energy level went up to an 8/10 and her asthma symptoms improved. She was successfully able to decrease the use of her puffers. This case shows how IV vitamin treatments can help even if we are having healthy diets. Our ability to absorb our nutrients decreases with age and stress. We use our nutrients 10 times more when we are receiving them intravenously.

TC will continue to receive her IV vitamin sessions once a month for maintenance.

Insomnia and Hair Loss

SS - 34 year old lady
Mother of 2 young children came to see me 5 months ago. Her chief complain was insomnia. She had a hard time falling asleep with racing thoughts. She felt panicky at night but also during the day. She also developed alopecia (hair loss). She went to her medical doctor for a physical exam and was told that everything was “normal”.

She came to see me because she wanted to know if there was something wrong with her #hormones. We proceeded to get a more extensive thyroid panel blood test done and a saliva hormone test (which many times shows imbalances not picked up by blood work). Her thyroid function came back normal but her progesterone level was close to non-existent!! No wonder she was feeling panicky and having so many racing thoughts. Progesterone is a very calming hormone and if that is low then it is hard to sleep at night and hard to feel calm during the day. She was prescribed a small amount of a natural progesterone cream from day 14 to day 25 of her cycle.

She came to see me 3-4 months later and she is now feeling 70% better. Her sleep has improved significantly and she is back to feeling like her old self again. Hair is growing back in her bold spots again too. Needless to say her husband and kids are very happy too.

Chronic Neck and Arm Pain

ID - Lady in her mid 50's

TL, in her mid-50's, has a long standing history of chronic neck pain with pins and needles in her arms and hands. X-rays and CT scan show significant degenerative changes in the spine. She has tried different forms of therapy, including massage therapy, chiropractic and anti-inflammatory medications which have provided her only transient relief.

After TL's second Matrix Repatterning treatment, she reported that she still had neck pain, but that was “different”, “more of a deep ache rather than sharp pain”, after her fourth treatment, she sent me a message, which reads: “Well...I got up this morning feeling so much lighter, moving without pain, and rolling my neck easily. My shoulders are where they should be. So amazing. Thank you.”

Severe Hip Osteoarthritis

ID - Male in his 60's

JP, in his early 60's, has been a patient of mine for a long time. He works long hours and his job is physically demanding. JP has needed a hip replacement for many years, but because he runs his own business, he has not been able to take the time off required to have surgery and recover. Instead, he has been diligent with chiropractic and massage therapy, Epsom Salt Baths and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, overtime, JP's hip pain has increased to the point where he was using a cane all the time, taking a lot of anti-inflammatory meds and having difficulty sleeping due to pain.

After a round of Matrix Repatterning Treatments, JP recently messaged me saying: “OK just wanted to give you an update. Functioning at 98% today. Thank you to say the least. You have kept me going for the last several years more than I would have otherwise...”. Does JP still need a hip replacement? YES! Is he moving better, sleeping better, taking much less pain medication! Yes, yes yes!!!!

Low Energy and Hormonal Imbalance

ID - 38 year old lady - mother of 2 toddlers
She came to the clinic with low energy and difficulty losing weight. She felt that her thyroid was out of balance in spite of her MD telling her it was normal.

Other symptoms that she was experiencing were insomnia, PMS and constipation.

We gave her a homeopathic remedy right away which helped her to feel “lighter, calmer and the heavy feeling was gone”.

We also ordered a salivary hormone test which showed that she had low progesterone, high estrogens and adrenal fatigue from long term stress.

After 1 month of a detox program – her energy continued to improve, was having regular BMs and now she was sleeping through the night. We continued with adrenal support and herbal remedies to balance her hormones.

4 1/2 months after her initial visit, ID gave us the wonderful news that she was pregnant again (this was a true blessing for them!)

Health Problems After a Vaccine

AY - 5 year old girl
AY came to clinic with the history of having had a bad reaction to the MMR vaccination at 18 months old. She had experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea for 5 full days right after her vaccine and had to go to the hospital due to dehydration. Shortly after she started to develop eczema that was really itchy in various area of her body. After spending years of using cortisone creams and few antibiotics (when the skin got infected), the mother decided to bring her in to the clinic.

AY eliminated some foods from her diet (identified by a food intolerance test), took a homeopathic remedy to boost up her immune system, and we improved her digestive function.

2 months later – AY’s skin had cleared up as well as her other symptoms which included tummy aches, ear infections and puffiness under her eyes.

Genital Herpes

LA - 29 year old lady
LA genital herpes from her cheating boyfriend. Besides breaking up with her long term boyfriend, she was also suffering with repeated outbreaks of the herpes (5 outbreaks in 6 weeks). She had to take anti-viral medication to help (which she did not want to take). She also suffered from severe PMS (bloating, fatigue and cramps) and irregular periods.

Right away we started LA with a homeopathic remedy and weekly vitamin treatments for 1 month to boost up her immune system. We also ordered a saliva test to check her hormone levels which showed low progesterone and adrenal fatigue. She then started taking a couple of herbal remedies to support both hormones.

2 months later – LA has not had another herpes flare up from the time we started and she is no longer needing her anti-viral medication. Slowly her periods have been becoming more regular and her PMS symptoms are becoming less intense.

Ulcerative Colitis

CR - 60 year old woman
CR was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. She had the history of acid reflux as well. She came to the clinic having pain in the upper right area of her abdomen and a lot of blood in her stools.

Our Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test revealed that she lacked 1 strain of a good bacteria and she had overgrowth of an imbalanced bacteria. We treated her with supplements to balance her gut flora as well as some nutritional changes in her diet.

Gradually she got better and we just saw CR again 2 years later and she continues with the same dietary changes which have now become part of the normal lifestyle. She feels good and her new way of eating does not bother her. If she eats off her program, then she feels cramps and a change in her stool.

Her favorite treat is decaf cappuccino with coconut milk!!

Joint Pain & Food Sensitivities -

RR - 53 year old lady
I had been suffering from chronic joint pain my whole life. First in my knees as a child, then in my neck as a teenager and from there as I got older and it moved to almost all of my joints. My family doctors (several of them) told me that it was arthritis and prescribed over the counter pain relievers. This went on for more than 40 years, getting steadily worse until it started to affect my ability to drive, I couldn’t turn my head to the right to look out my car window without pain.

It was suggested to me to see a Chiropractor. I booked an appointment and during my initial consultation where she took my history and examined me. She told me that what I had was called “Systemic Inflammation”, not arthritis. She said that as I had been having these symptoms since childhood and as it seemed to affect all of my joints, it was most likely being caused by some sort of food sensitivity. She suggested that I see Dr. Miranda and do a food sensitivity test.

I was a bit dubious, I had heard of food allergies but not sensitivities. I took her advice. I saw Dr. Miranda who explained the difference between allergies and sensitivities and how your body may not show symptoms of a sensitivity to a food for several days after ingesting. I decided to do the test and the results shocked me. I was highly sensitive to 38 different foods (luckily most of them were foods I hardly ever ate). Most people are sensitive to Gluten or Dairy, but I was highly sensitive to Potatoes. Who knew you could have a problem with Potatoes? I had eaten them all my life and usually more than once a week, it was a staple in my diet.

It was suggested that I try to eliminate the most reactive items from my diet as much as possible. I stopped eating baked and mashed potatoes and limited fries to special occasions only. Soon I found I was not taking pain meds anymore. I could knit without pain in my fingers, elbows and shoulders. I no longer had pain in my neck, knees and ankles.

It had been almost a year since I did the test and I think I just got used to limiting my diet of potatoes and forgot about the sensitivity until I decided to cook a Roast with mashed potatoes and had lots of leftovers which I ate 2 days in a row and then ate out with friends on the third night and had fries. Within a week my neck was so bad I could barely get out of bed. I had to go back to the Chiropractor two days in a row and also get a magnesium iv treatment from Dr. Miranda to help loosen it up again. I learned my lesson, now I cook something else instead of potatoes when I cook a roast. I bring my own side dish when I know there is going to be potatoes served at a friends or relatives (they are all very aware of my problem and are okay with it) and when eating out at a restaurant I choose other options. I still have the odd order of fries but try to limit it to once every couple of weeks.

Glaucoma & Torn Retina

FC - 67 yrs old lady
Today I received good news from my eye surgeon that the small glaucoma I had in my right eye is gone as well there are no more tears in my retinas. He noticed the glaucoma when I had gone to see him last year at this time because I had had lazer surgery in both of my eyes to patch torn retinas and I wanted to know if the retinas were torn again.

Last year I met with Dr Miranda and she recommended some vitamins for my eye problems. I have been diligent at taking it since then. The product has really worked for me. Thanks Dr Miranda for recommending it, my eyes are perfect now.