Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Many of us have been overindulging this summer with either high sugary foods,

carbohydrates or even some wine.   Unfortunately, these unhealthy choices can feed a

yeast called Candida that we all have in our digestive tracts.  The problem is not having

this yeast, the problem is when it overgrows. 

What is the end result?

Yup, you got it – We feel bloated, tired, and gassy, with diarrhea or constipated but also moody, foggy and headachy.  In some more extreme cases, there can be a yeast infection, skin flare ups, or just plain old fatigue.

What is the best way to reset….?

A colonic!!

A colonic – will flush all the bad stuff out – the gas, the old stool, the yeast, pockets of

gas and even parasites. Trust me, once you flush it all out, you will be motivated not to

continue eating more junk food. Colonics is a great way to reset because you honestly

feel so much lighter, energized, with less aches and pain and overall less cravings


Earlier this month Susan came to see with similar problems and she got a series of 3

colonic treatments and she was amazed to see how much yeast was coming out during

the sessions.  After only 3 colonics she felt “like a 21 year old” again.  

Colonics is a gentle process of releasing gently flowing filtered warm water into the

colon.  It is an easy and effective treatment to reduce the amount of candida overgrowth

that can be in your digestive tract.  You can see not only if yeast is removed during the

session but also other toxins such as impacted fecal matter, parasites, ammonia or just

excess gas.

So if you are ready to feel more energized, lighter and with a healthy colon then come in

for a Colonic.  You are still on-time to take advantage of our 10% off special (offer ends

Aug 31 st ). You can purchase for the treatments this month and make your appointment

in September too. The results are quick and effective. Hope to see you soon!