Written by Florence Caie,

Cert. Colon Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist

Do you feel that you have done everything to help your chronic constipation and yet you are still backed up?

One of my recent clients had stubborn constipation for years having releases once every two weeks. At one point, being in so much pain, she even resorted to going to the hospital’s emergency department. Desperate to find relief, she came to see me hoping to have a colonic, as this was her last resort.

In my client’s case, certain factors had contributed to her stubborn chronic constipation over the years. She had been on lots of medications for issues related to MS (multiple sclerosis), she had no exercise as she was confined to a wheelchair and consumed a low fiber diet.  Constipation had always been an ongoing issue for her. At the beginning of her first colonic session I explained that in many cases of stubborn constipation, having just the one colonic session may not be enough to bring on releases.  She was determined not to give up, and agreed to a series of colonics. As it turned out this is exactly what she needed, and by her 3rd colonic she had releases.

Our bodies are in a constant desire to heal.  By working on her nutrition with customized food choices, improving her digestion with easily assimilated fibre, along with the right probiotics for her case, and a series of colonics, my client today is feeling lighter, energized and overall way more optimistic.

Colonics come in single individual sessions or in packages of 3, 6 and 8.

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