Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

I know many people are climbing up the walls and going a little stir crazy trying to follow new routines.

Just recently, I was chatting to Kelly, one of my most proactive patients, who shared she was really struggling with her diet ever since she started working from home. 

She was in a really good routine early this year but ever since the pandemic, she had completely gone off track, gained her weight back and was feeling tired, bloated and achy again.  She was craving sweets and carbs and had no motivation to get back on track.  She was dreading the holiday season which was just around the corner too.

This lack of motivation made her feel like “everything required ten times as much effort as it should.”  She also admitted that her wine and alcohol consumption was increasing to a level that she was not happy with.
She was ready to make changes and she was willing to do anything I would suggest to her.  So I suggested she started with a detox.  She liked the idea of how the program seemed “short and sweet”.  After all, we all do better with short term goals. She followed step by step my instructions. 

We talked again last week and Kelly was a different person! She was excited to tell me she was feeling so much better!  Her cravings were gone, she felt more energized and focused and as a bonus lost 7 lbs!  She was able to kick the alcohol habit to the curb and was back to drinking the water she needed to keep hydrated. She is laughing more, wearing her “happy pants” and she has started to feel like her old self again.

I’m not suggesting that everyone can get those same fast dramatic results, but I can tell you for sure that often unhealthy habits carried for a long period of time can add to the problem, and some simple but significant healthy changes can really make a difference in a short period of time.

Other patients have since shared how they are feeling the same as Kelly so to help, I’m inviting a small group of people to join me in a Free 1-hour online presentation on how to re-energize and detoxify:

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I will be taking you step by step on how detoxification can help us lose weight, balance our hormones and decrease pain and inflammation. After working with thousands of patients over the year, there are the top tipis that I have found to be the most effective in helping us to detoxify.

I hope you join us.

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