For many, travelling may occur only once a year.  We want to make sure that nothing goes wrong in order to enjoy the time relaxing, hanging out with friends and family or sight-seeing.  It pays to be prepared with a few remedies to ensure that you stay healthy during this time.
Here are my top remedy choices for the more common health concerns that can occur during your trip:

    • Probiotics – when you travel, chances are that your diet will not be as clean as what you try to eat at home. Depending where you are travelling, you may even be exposed to different microbes that you may not be used to.  One way of strengthening your resistance to this, is to take probiotics for at least 1-2 weeks before your trip, during and for 1-2 weeks after the trip. The more you have of the good bacteria, the less chances there is of any imbalanced or pathogenic microbes growing in your gut.  Take anywhere between 30-60 billion bacteria per day depending on your tolerance level.


    • Traveller’s diarrhea – travelling to faraway lands can increase your chance of ingesting new bacteria, parasites or other microorganisms that your body has never previously consumed, thus disrupting digestion and health.  The more common homeopathic remedy is Metallicum album.  You can take 30CH potency starting 2 days before your trip, during the trip and 2 days after the trip for prevention.  But make sure you also have the 200CH potency in case you do end up with an acute problem.  For acute situations – take up to 2-3 x day depending on intensity of symptoms.


    • Jet lag – some people have a harder time adapting to significant time zone changes.  The primary remedy that can help is homeopathic Arnica, known for its ability to deal with shock or trauma of injury as well.  While jet lag is not exactly an injury, it is a stress to the system.  In order to prevent jet lag, take a 12CH or 30CH potency of the remedy just prior to boarding, once every four hours of flight, and if needed, every four hours for the next twenty-four.


    • Motion Sickness – this type of vertigo or nausea can be felt in a car, boat, train or plane.  Here are my favorite tips for this problem: homeopathic Cocculus either a 12CH or 30CH potency every 30 minutes during intense symptoms; OR have an herbal Ginger tea every 2 hours, or Sea-Bands which are knitted elasticated wrist bands that helps by applying pressure on an acupuncture point that alleviates nausea (good for children too).


  • Alcohol Hangovers – Travelling usually means a spike in alcohol consumption.  One way to avoid getting hangovers is to make it a rule that before every alcoholic drink, you must finish a glass of water! This makes sure that you flush out the alcohol quicker from your system and it will automatically reduce the amount of alcoholic drinks that you intake.  If after all this, you are still feeling the headaches, nausea, fatigue and drowsiness from a hangover the next day: then take homeopathic remedy Colubrina.  A 12CH or 30CH potency every hour for the next 6 hours will ensure you feel better in no time.

Happy Travels!!

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Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND