Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

Estrogen is not the enemy ladies!  There are 3 different types of estrogen.  Estrone (E1) is the stronger one but the one that can cause more side effects and health problems.  Estradiol (E2) is the more active one and the one that give us the most relief from menopausal symptoms.  Estriol (E3) is a weaker estrogen but a more protective one.  Estriol has been pretty much ignored by conventional medicine for a long time because it is weaker.  But it is in its weakness where its strength lies!

Studies suggest that when this lower-potency estrogen is used topically or vaginally – it does not increase the risk of breast, uterine or ovarian cancers.  And just because it is weaker, it does not mean that it will not help with menopausal symptoms.  Estriol helps with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, memory, moods, insomnia and low energy.

In addition, balancing your estrogen levels can also help you maintain your bone density, heart health, and avoid urinary tract problems.  Estriol has also been shown to help with multiple sclerosis.

Fear of cancer has prevented women from restoring their bodies back to healthy hormone levels.  Bio-identical hormones (when prescribed properly) can help you feel balanced and energized without the use of any medication.   And remember, whenever you are using any form of estrogen (even the weaker estriol), you also want to use a natural progesterone cream.  Many doctors say that if you don’t have a uterus then you don’t need progesterone – this is simply NOT true.  You still have breasts, a heart and a brain- and all of these tissues need a balance of both estrogen and progesterone! Our hormones work in symphony with one another.  Keep balanced and make sure you always use both together!