Is there a difference between “grass-fed” and “grain-fed” beef?

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June 26, 2019
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Is there a difference between “grass-fed” and “grain-fed” beef?

Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND 

I am always surprised to see how patients don’t realize there is a big difference between “grass-fed” and “grain-fed” meat.  “Grass-fed” is more expensive but is it worth the price tag? 

For an animal to be considered “grass-fed”, it needs to have consumed grass and forage (no grains) for its whole life – of course with some milk that it received from its mother as a young calf. 

The truth is that meat that comes from animals that are “grass-fed” is simply the BEST meat you can buy and the taste… does not even compare to the “grain-fed” meat.  Try it once- you’ll see what I mean!

Here are some facts to consider: 

  • “Grass-fed” meat have a ratio of 3:1 between omega-6 to omega:3 (omega 3 being the anti-inflammatory type of fatty acid) and “grain-fed” meat has a ratio of 20:1.  So “Grass-fed” meat has a higher content of the protective fats that can enhance health. 
  • “Grain-fed” cows are just fat cows!  Think about it! If you start eating only grains, you will gain weight too.  “Grass-fed” cows are leaner and healthier.
  • “Grass-fed” meat has a higher content of Vitamin E than “grain-fed” meat (up to 4 times higher).  This helps to lower the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers.  

If you’re ready to, try making the switch to grass-fed meats! Whether you source it locally or have meat shipped to your home, it’s worth giving it a try – so you can see the difference for yourself. Enjoy!

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