Teenagers’ bodies go through many changes and they need a balanced amount of vitamin and minerals.   Our ability to maintain health in the future is many times dependent on our nutrition during these important teenage years. 

Consider the following examples:

  • We are more likely going to develop osteoporosis in later years unless we take a good amount of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and other minerals during our teenage years.
  • We are more likely going to have an obesity problem later on in life unless we are taking in important nutrients to balance our blood sugar and insulin during our teenage years.
  • We are more likely going to have a problem with burn out or anxiety/depression unless we make sure we are taking an adequate amount of B vitamins during out teenage years.
  • We are more likely going to have hormonal imbalances later on in life unless we take in a good amount of important minerals and keep hydrated during our teenage years.


So what is the ideal the situation?  The ideal would be for your teenager to eat 3 times a day (including breakfast!!), have 2 snacks per day, eat mostly whole foods, drink at least 6 glasses per day and take a good quality multivitamin.   For those of you who think that this seems impossible and are worried about the nutritional status of your teenager, a good viable option to support them is our IV vitamin treatments.  I am always amazed to see just how much better teenagers can do with a Meyer’s cocktail once a month.


Meyer’s cocktail is an IV vitamin and mineral bag that gives your teenager a boost.  It supports their immune system, stress glands and detoxification reactions.  It takes anywhere between 15 min to 40 min (depending on how many vitamin and minerals we include in the bag).   When we receive vitamins and minerals intravenously, we use up those nutrients 10 times more than when we take anything orally.   This is because we are bypassing our digestive tract and we don’t have to worry about absorption.  This is also the reason why teenagers do well with it only once a month.


If you would like more information on our IV vitamin treatments, please contact us anytime 905-239-3900.  We are happy to help!