Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid and important nutrient in our diet.  It assists with weight loss (helps to burn fat quicker), increases energy and improves brain function.   The problem is most women over the age of 40 become deficient in L-carnitine.

This may be part of the reason why it can be harder to lose weight as we get older.

Other benefits of L-carnitine include: increasing energy, improving brain function, anti-aging properties, and helps heal injured nerves (neuropathy).

In our diets, we can find L-carnitine in meats or fish.

People who are at higher risk to become deficient in L-carnitine include:

  • Women over the age of 40
  • Women having a hard time losing weight
  • Anyone taking statin medication to lower cholesterol (statin drugs deplete your carnitine stores) 
  • Vegans- because they are not eating meats and fish which are the biggest source of L-carnitine
  • Anyone diagnosed with fibromyalgia
  • Anyone with low muscle mass

At the clinic we have a new fat burner shot that includes L-Carnitine.  This combination was originally used for people who had “fatty liver” but very quickly practitioners saw that it was also helping women lose weight.  Most of the time patients come in once a week for the first 6 weeks.  Although in stubborn cases, patients may need to start with 2 x week.

If you want to try this shot, you are welcome to join us during our Happy Hour Thursday – every Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  No appointment needed – just walk in!  During this time we offer any of our shots at 20% off.