Written by Dr. Enid Kennedy, DC

MK, a delightful 79 year old woman, came in to see me with a sharp pain in her right low back and buttocks area for the past 2 days. The pain had started several hours after returning from her usual fitness class at Curves. The pain was 7/10 in intensity. MK had experienced bouts of back pain over the years that have responded well to chiropractic, massage therapy and exercise.  Otherwise, MK had a past history of a right ankle sprain (10 years ago), and a right frozen shoulder that still restricted her range of motion.


After a thorough physical examination which revealed a restricted low back, right hip and right shoulder ranges of motion, MK decided to pursue Matrix Repatterning Treatments to help her with this condition.  Matrix Repatterning is a safe, gentle, non-invasive and effective hands on treatment aimed at resolving the source of tension (from injury, impact or repetitive strain) within the deeper core structures of the body.  Here is a link where you can watch videos of me helping patients with this wonderful therapy.


In the first treatment, we worked on the long bones in her right leg, sacro-iliac joint, mid-back, her right upper arm, shoulder joint and her upper ribs.


When I saw MK one week later, she was feeling much better by evening and had slept well following her treatment.  She had improved ability to move from sit to stand & to go up/down stairs. Her right shoulder had a smoother quality of motion. Her right hip motion had also improved and her tight back muscles had started to relax.


In her second treatment, we continued to work on her right leg, low back and mid-back.

Following this treatment, she reported “no low back pain” and that her right shoulder “feels cured”!


At MK’s third treatment, we worked on her right hip, mid-back, upper spine and lower neck. At the conclusion of this session, MK shared that she was great after last treatment, but that she had experienced right hip pain “deep in joint” in last few days, but that felt better now after treatment. Her right shoulder was still “perfect”.


MK is very pleased with her progress and said that she will definitely return for more Matrix Repatterning.


If you or a loved one has been dealing with low back pain, call us at 905-239-3900 for a 10 minute free “Meet&Greet” to find out if Matrix Repatterning may help you.