Matrix Repatterning for Chronic Knee Pain

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Matrix Repatterning for Chronic Knee Pain

Written by Enid Kennedy, DC

Doing Matrix Repatterning on my patients has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  It is a gentle, safe and effective hands on therapy, unlike any other modalitiy that I have ever come across.  I have been a chiropractor for 20 years and this is by far the most effective way to relieve sources of deep tension in any case of chronic pain.  I’ll give you an example.

SR, a 52 year old lady, came in for a Matrix treatment for her right knee pain. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a tear in her medial meniscus, the cartilage in her knee.  SR reported that she had not experienced any injury specifically to her knee! She had a scope surgery done and since then, her knee had become very swollen, sore and she couldn’t bend it. SR had been diligent with rehab exercises, used ice as an anti-inflammatory, had rested and elevated her leg and applied voltaren to help with inflammation and pain, but nothing was giving her any long-lasting relief or improvement. However, SR had been in a very serious car accident when she was 16 years old and had suffered a fractured pelvis and ribs, among other injuries.

During her first visit, I noticed that the inside of her right knee was indeed very swollen and although she could straighten her leg fully, she could not bend it past 90 degrees.

The Matrix Global Scan (my method of assessing patients) also revealed significant tension in her right rib cage and the right side of her head.  This was a significant finding because my goal with Matrix is to find the root sources of the tension. This means that the original tension leading to symptoms of pain and dysfunction may very well be located elsewhere in the body, other than the actual site of the pain.  This case is a perfect example of this: even though SR had right knee pain, her problem actually originated from her right rib cage and right side of her head.

After only one treatment, SR felt way more knee stability and improved muscle tone in her leg.

At her second treatment, SR reported that she could feel her right knee cap because of decreased swelling, and she was able to bend her knee a little more.

At the third visit, SR reported that her right knee “was doing significantly better!”.  And after only 6 treatments, SR’s right knee had gained full range of motion, her pain had significantly improved and she was now able to walk and sleep comfortably.

After these initial six treatments, I did not see SR again until 10 months later. At that appointment, SR reported that she was no longer living with chronic pain!  Her right knee pain had gone away completely, she was functioning really well and was really grateful for the success of this Matrix treatment.

Matrix Repatterning is a proven clinical treatment used to treat chronic pain that has not responded well to conventional methods, such as: headaches, temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ), neck and upper back pain, low back pain, scoliosis, shoulder and arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual pain, postural imbalance, hip, knee, ankle, foot pain, fibromyalgia, pain associated with arthritis, and chronic pain.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, call us for a free 10 min.“Meet & Greet” and find out if Matrix can help you.

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