Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Do you have chronic health symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, gas, cravings, mental fogginess and a hard time losing weight and you are not sure why?

Live Blood Cell Analysis is a fascinating test that will tell you what your nutritional imbalances are and what kind of detox you need to feel better. With just 1 drop of blood, you can find out just how healthy you really are! Our blood has all the answers.

During a Live Blood cell analysis test a drop of your blood is collected and it is magnified 1,500 times under a microscope and displayed on a large screen for you to see. Using darkfield technology, warning signs of illness can be detected by studying the shape and function of the red blood cells, including: Free Radical Damage, Arterial Plaque, Organ Stress, Nutritional Imbalances, Hormonal Imbalances, Bacteria/Candida/Yeast/Fungi, undigested fat and proteins, Iron or B12 Deficiencies, Inflammation, and Acid/Alkaline balance.

Susan, our Live Blood cell Analyst and Holistic Nutritionist, has 20 years experience doing biomedical interventions.  Her youngest son was diagnosed with autism and she dedicated her life to help him. Live Blood cell analysis was a key tool that she used to let her know what the best next step was for her son every time.

Not only can you treat your current health concern properly with Live Blood Cell Analysis but you can also be ahead of the game because it also recognizes nutritional imbalanced which can be early signs of many health concerns. 

Here is a list of health imbalances that it can pick up:

  • Liver stress
  • Heavy metals
  • Acidic terrain
  • Low Immune system
  • Bowel toxicity
  • Yeast or Candida Overgrowth
  • Parasite Overgrowth
  • Sluggish digestion of fats or proteins
  • Low Essential Fatty Acids
  • Free Radical Damage (that can lead to cancer)
  • Lymphatic Congestion

You are going to be amazed with this assessment. 

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