Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Are you looking for a way to figure out what is wrong with your health accurately while at the same time motivating yourself to make the necessary changes?

Live Blood Cell analysis is a revolutionary way to find out exactly what is going on.  Your blood has all the answers to your many health questions.  With just 1 drop of your blood in a darkfield microscope, you will get to see in a big screen what is going on with you blood.  Trust me, once you see what is there, you will be motivated to do anything to clean things up.

Seeing what is actually happening in your blood is one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences you will ever go through.  Many patients feel chronic fatigue, bloating, heavy, inflamed and they are just not sure where to start.  Do they need a cleanse and if so what type….liver, gut, yeast, parasite… it can be so confusing and overwhelming. 

Live Blood Cell Analysis takes away this guessing game and tells you exactly what you need to do to start feeling better quickly.  Susan our therapist has 20 years experience helping patients and she has a wealth of knowledge to get you from feeling heavy, tired and old to feeling light, energized and enthusiastic about life again.

All it takes is 1 drop of your blood to get started….so what do you think, would you like an appointment with Susan.   I wrote a blog on Live Blood Cell Analysis– click here check it out!

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