Feel Like You Again – 6 Week Master Class (Starting October 1st)

Anti-Aging Seminar
Natural Anti-Aging Techniques That Work!

A 6-week Course to learn how to look and feel amazing naturally!
Presented by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND


“Aging doesn’t have to be devastating and crippling. Most of my patient feel healthier in their 40s, 50s and 60s than ever before.” Dr Miranda, ND

In this 6 week course you will learn:
✔ The nutritional formula that will keep you feeling young, balanced and at a healthy weight.
✔ Natural methods to keep your moods, energy, memory, weight and sleep healthy and balanced.
✔ How to find out if stress is making you fat and natural tips to avoid this.
✔ Find out if your thyroid is truly a problem (even if you have been told everything is “normal”).
✔ Weekly body composition and body age tests to monitor improvements in weights.
✔ Option of getting a thorough evaluation of your hormones from a functional perspective – you won’t get this type of testing with your medical doctor.
✔ The benefits and safety of bio-identical hormones.

COST: $497 (Covered by most health care insurance plans under Naturopathic Medicine)

WHEN: Every Tuesday starting October 1st to November 5th, 2019  
Time: 7PM to 8:30PM

WHERE: MIRANDA NATUROPATHIC CLINIC at 467 Westney Rd South, Unit 10, Ajax, ON


Course Modules
Every week includes a body composition (muscle% and fat%) check, body age check, diet diary review and recipes.

Week 1 – Facing The Truth- What Is My Body Age? - Overview of the program- interpreting your body composition test results.
Week 2 – Nutritional Formula – Eating Your Way To Balanced Hormones.
Week 3 – Where on earth did my Hair, Memory, Sex Drive, & Ability to fall asleep go?
Week 4 – Is Stress Making Fat? Let’s Heal Your Adrenals & Thyroid naturally.
Week 5 – Accelerate Your Results With Supplements To Feel Amazing Faster.
Week 6 – Living The Life You Love! Top 12 Steps to Maintain Your Youth.


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