live blood cell analysis

November 24, 2021

Impact of Heavy Metals in Your Health

Written by Susan Colacicco (Nutritionist) From the day we are born, we are exposed to thousands of toxic substances every day. Among the worst toxins are […]
November 19, 2021

Our Brain-Gut Connection

By Susan Colacicco – Nutritionist Did you know that an unhealthy digestive tract can lead to foggy thinking and having a hard time concentrating?  Nobody really […]
August 7, 2021
darkfield blood cell

Our Blood is Fascinating!

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND Are you looking for a way to figure out what is wrong with your health accurately while at the same […]
August 7, 2021
live blood cell

Our Blood Has The Answers to Our Health Questions

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND Do you have chronic health symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, gas, cravings, mental fogginess and a hard time losing weight […]