The 10 Characteristics of Cancer Survivors

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April 5, 2018
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May 1, 2018
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The 10 Characteristics of Cancer Survivors

Although your doctor may not talk about it freely, spontaneous remissions or so called “miracles” do occur. In fact thousands of cases have been reported in several books such as the Spontaneous Remission Bibliography, compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The Centre for Integrated Healing in B.C. Canada has summarized the 10 common characteristics of those who have undergone spontaneous healing of advanced, untreatable cancer.
  1. In spite of being told that their cancer is incurable they have a deep belief that their body can heal itself no matter what anyone else says.
  2. They take control and assume a recovery program that is unique to them. They reclaim their own responsibility rather than solely relying on experts.  They understand that with this approach, they all of a sudden don’t fit into the “average” patient anymore and therefore all those statistics don’t apply to them.
  3. They reconnect with spirit, awakening long hidden desires and aspirations. They reconnect with authenticity to their feelings and values and decide to live them.
  4. They deepen and bring honesty to their relationships with others.  They openly accept the support and the help of their loved ones.
  5. A complete re-assessment of their lives is undertaken. They are willing to change. This often includes diet, lifestyle, career, goals and relationships.
  6. Radical changes in diet have been closely associated with spontaneous remission. These changes usually include decreasing processed, refined foods and animal fats and consuming more fruits and vegetables or becoming vegetarian.
  7. They take vitamins and supplements to help support their immune system.
  8. They slow down. Taking time to relax and fully enjoy the gift of life. Often prayer or meditation becomes a regular practice.
  9. They become in tune with their body and ‘listen’ for cues relating to energy, emotions and body signals that are a part of daily life.
  10. They rejoin with social networks and experience the joy of being of service to others. Through their own healing, they help to heal others.

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