Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Anxiety is a difficult thing to struggle with no matter what is happening in the world. We are faced with more struggles moving forward with difficulty getting information that is accurate about our world today. Most who struggle with anxiety are already in a state of overload and the craziness in the world right now has proven to be completely overwhelming even for people without any anxiety.  As we continue to be in a place where everyone is scared of interacting it makes it really difficult for people with anxiety to want to even go back out and interact with others for fear of what will happen to them. Most people want to know how to balance out their anxiety and use it for what it is used for in a healthy way which is to allow a person to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe while still being able to enjoy life. 

Last month, 23 year old Cathy came in struggling with extreme anxiety leading to difficulty interacting with her friends and family. She could barely interact without having a short fuse and blowing up at them over small things. She had been struggling with depression and she was having trouble connecting with or being compassionate to all the important people in her life. The extreme anxiety, depression and irritability had been happening for a while but had been increased with the stress of intense world news. While being stuck at home she became complacent and had shut down in the extreme. When she came to see me she conveyed that she had lost interest in things she loved to do, like cooking and connecting with family.  She had little to no desire to spend time with her husband, as she felt he was becoming naggy and needy more than she could handle or she was too depressed to be around anyone. 

When we started working together, we started with small and simple stress relieving and energy giving changes that led in the following days and weeks to her having enough energy to implement more changes in her life.

Some of the simple steps she took that you can implement now was to set a schedule and stick with it. One of the most important things that people with anxiety need is consistency, so for example waking up at the same time every morning is an essential piece to helping our bodies find stability. Also eating a good solid protein filled breakfast in the morning like eggs and bacon or chicken stir fry or a protein shake.  This will help keep the mind supported by keeping your blood sugar stable. 

If you need additional support with a customized diet lifestyle and or supplemental support reach out to us (905-239-3900 or info@mynaturalclinic.com) and we can provide the customized support you need to thrive with anxiety while you are staying at home.