Most of us can’t wait for the summer months because it means warmer weather and more time outdoors – well hopefully more time outdoors…  However, many people need to be careful with the too much sun and heat exposure.   The following are the top 3 tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep hydrated and cool. If drinking water alone is too boring, then you can consider drinking water and lemon or cold iced tea.  My favorite summer teas are hibiscus and lemon grass.
  • Protect yourself from the sun especially if going out in the middle of the day. Wear a big hat or light long sleeve shirt to protect your skin.  If you do end up with a sunburn then make sure that you take extra antioxidants for a few days after the sunburn to protect your body from the damage to the skin
  • Relax and breath, take time with the family and kids, truly enjoy nature. Chances are that you have been working really hard during the rest of the year.  We don’t get many weeks of sunny warm weather, so make sure you take some time off to slow down and enjoy it.   You want to make sure that once September comes around you feel rejuvenated and enthusiastic about starting a new year ahead.

The goal is to recharge during the summer months.  Remember that if you are not feeling great towards mid or late August, call us for an IV vitamin treatment which can offer you a great boost to your energy and immune system.

If you think you will need help boosting up your energy and/or immune system, contact us for an appointment.  We are happy to help!