Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

Over 50% of women over the age of 40 report to have a low sex drive.  Recent studies have postulated this number to be even higher as many women are reluctant to report it.   Some women have the low sex drive and for others it is just so uncomfortable that they don’t even want to think of it.  The discomfort can come from vaginal tissue changes usually caused by typical hormonal fluctuations experienced at this age.

While there are many additional aspects to a relationship outside of the bedroom, researchers point to the importance of a healthy sex life as a key marker for a happier, healthier and balanced life. As the average life expectancy increases, odds are most women will live to at least mid-80s. Are we bound to not enjoy sex all these years? 

Peri-menopause and menopause is a time when there are many hormonal fluctuations such as a decline of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. In particular, the lower levels of estrogen is associated with a thinning vaginal wall, a decrease in blood flow and lubrication in the vaginal area. If not treated, this can result in an increase in vaginal infections and/or inflammation, contributing to discomfort and lack of sex drive.  

The good news is that these changes are reversible and we now have the science to know how to treat it naturally without the strong side effects of synthetic hormones. The first step is to do a thorough functional test on your hormone levels. If it is a low estrogen problem, then a natural vaginal estriol cream would be a safe and effective treatment that can work within weeks.  This option can work better than any other vaginal lubricant or moisturizer due to its ability to restore the integrity of the tissues 

Ladies, we don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Get a comprehensive hormone test with a Naturopathic Doctor who practices Functional Medicine.  If you don’t have one, call us at 905-239-3900– we are happy to help!