Meet Our Team

Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

I’m Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND and I am the founder of Miranda Naturopathic Clinic which I opened shortly after graduating as a Naturopathic Doctor in the year 2000.

I love to treat women’s hormones!  As an ND, I very quickly realized how women’s bodies are so misunderstood by conventional medicine.  I have dedicated my long-time journey in private practice in educating women on how to balance their bodies nutritionally and hormonally naturally without the use of medication.  I love treating women who are tired, bloated, overwhelmed, achy, having a hard time losing weight, with thyroid imbalances, low sex drive, hot flashes, PMS, headache, insomnia, depression and so much more. 

I use a combination of nutritional and lifestyle changes,  as well as IV vitamin treatments, detoxification programs, and online support groups – all to help women feel better and keep feeling young.

I am so proud of Miranda Naturopathic Clinic – we truly have an amazing team, like a family!  It is a safe space where women can heal and feel supported.  Our priority is to listen to every single one of our patients and treat the root cause of their health problems.


Specialized training and certifications:

      • Certificate on Advanced Endocrinology from the Metabolic Medical Institute (2023)
      • FirstLine Therapy Provider (2011) an exceptional method of improving body composition, reducing inflammation and decreasing risks for degenerative and chronic disease.
      • Mesotherapy/Lipolysis (2009) from Global Health Network Lipolysis (Bochum, Germany).
      • Colon Therapy (2006) from Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre
      • Parenteral Therapy, BDDT-N (2003) to offer intravenous and intramuscular vitamin injections.

Our Team

Dr. Sandra Miranda , ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Enid Kennedy, DC

Chiropractic Doctor-Matrix Practitioner

Stephanie Ponton

IV therapist

Hollace Burnett-Simmonds

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Colleen Smith

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Ruby Richards

Front Office Manager

Miranda Naturopathic Clinic


467 Westney Rd S, Unit 10, Ajax, ON, Canada

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