In many cases, it is impossible to accurately evaluate what the root cause of your health problem is without performing specialized tests. The following is a list of science based and precise laboratory testing that helps us diagnose any possible imbalance that you may have. These tests give us unique insight into your case and therefore, give us more direction when we are putting together an individulaized treatment plan that is right for you.

Urine Hormone Test

The benefits of having our hormones tested in the urine is that it shows how hormones are metabolized (broken down in our body) and eliminated in urine. This is extremely useful information if we want to check how well our liver is breaking down our own hormones or supplemented (bio-identical) hormones. Metabolites are also important markers for checking the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, etc.

Food Intolerance Test

A food intolerance is an abnormal reaction to certain foods that can manifest itself in a number of ways. Food intolerances are not life threatening, but can greatly impact our health in many different ways. It is estimated that approximately 45% of the population could be affected. They often go undetected and untreated because the reactions are delayed – up to 3 days after eating the food. Food intolerances lead to many chronic medical conditions.

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Measuring both hormones and their metabolites can give a better overall picture of hormone production. For example, a urine steroid hormone profile on someone with low salivary cortisol could show normal cortisol production, but high levels of metabolites. In other words, the patient is producing enough cortisol, it's just getting broken down into its metabolites very quickly.

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Symptoms commonly experienced from food intolerances are:

- Arthritis (pain & stiffness in joints)
- Asthma
- Fibromyalgia (pain & inflammation in muscles)
- Increased mucous/ phlegm ie sinus, fluid in ear, post nasal drip
- Bloating
- Headaches & Migraines
- Constipation & Diarrhea
- High Blood Pressure
- Gastritis
- Itchy skin problems
- Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
- Eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis
- Lack of focus & foggy thinking
- Sleep disturbance
- Hyperactivity & anxiety
- Water retention
- Runny Nose & Puffiness around eyes
- Weight Control Problems
- Chronic Pain
- Chronic Fatigue

What is the difference between a Food Allergy and a Food Intolerance?

The symptoms of food allergy occur quickly, usually within one hour. The reaction is obvious and may be quite severe. True allergies (like peanut allergies in children), which are associated with IgE antibodies, are suspected to affect only a small percentage of the population. Symptoms usually involve swelling of the lips and throat; breathing difficulties; skin rashes; severe pain; vomiting or diarrhea. Your medical doctor or an allergist will test for these type of IgE reactions.
Food sensitivities or intolerances affect many more people and can develop at any time during one’s life. Unlike food allergies, symptoms may be delayed for hours, days or even months after the exposure, making diagnosis more difficult.

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Complete Thyroid Blood Panel

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see women with a low acting thyroid gland and who have not been diagnosed properly. Many women suffer from symptoms such as difficulty losing weight, feeling cold all the time, hair loss, coarse skin & hair, thinning of the eye brows, etc which are all typical symptoms of hypothyroidism yet they are told that that their thyroid is "normal". Why are so many women underdiagnosed?

Saliva Hormone Test

Saliva hormone testing is an accurate, non-invasive and clinically useful way of measuring hormones. Thousands of studies using salivary hormone analysis have already been published, with more being added on a regular basis. Saliva collection is painless and convenient, particularly when multiple samples are required.

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Saliva hormone testing can be used to identify existing hormone excesses or deficiencies. For example, finding out that a woman lacks sufficient progesterone to balance high estradiol levels or that high cortisol levels are interfering with the action of progesterone and testosterone. Once a hormone imbalance has been identified, nutritional or bio-identical hormone therapy may be indicated.

The hormones that are test are: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-s and Cortisol (up to 4 different times of the day).

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Here are some of the reasons why:
- Most of the time it is only TSH that gets tested at first (without the free T4 and free T3). This practice will miss approximately 20% of the women who may have lower functioning thyroid.
- Most labs will consider a TSH under 5.0 or 5.5 as normal. In fact, most women will feel optimal when their TSH levels being lower than this. This practice again, leaves a lot of women who have lower than optimal functioning thyroid as being told that their thyroid is normal.
- Most of the time reverseT3 is not measured. If a woman is under a lot of stress or has nutritional deficiencies, she will not convert T4 to the active T3- instead it will go to ReverseT3. Not measuring this important hormone can also affect a proper diagnosis.
Our Complete Thyroid Blood Panel includes:
- free T3
- free T4
- reverse T3

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Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal Test

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a sophisticated laboratory technique used in preventive medicine for assessing mineral imbalances and toxicities in the human body. Utilizing this general diagnostic screening technique, the following heavy metals can be evaluated:

Urine Heavy Metal Test

This is a urine challenge test. This test not only analyses the levels of toxic heavy metals but it identifies whether they are from recent acute exposure or from past exposure. Acute metal poisoning is rare. More common, however, is a chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals that can result in significant retention in the body that can be associated with a vast array of adverse health effects and chronic disease.

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Some of the heavy metals tested are: aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.

Essential minerals that are tested are: zinc, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, cobalt, etc.

Toxic Metal accumulations in the body may interfere with proper vitamin and mineral utilization and can induce unfavourable metabolic consequences ie. Neurological and psychomotor dysfunction, hypertension, anemia, birth defects, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children, Alzheimers, etc.

Anyone experiencing fatigue, headaches, depression, decreased concentration, irritability, nervousness, hyperactivity, forgetfulness, etc OR if you are wondering what supplements you should be taking. You will benefit from checking possible heavy metal toxicity and mineral imbalance through hair analysis.

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To evaluate retention of heavy metals, the levels of metals in urine before and after the administration of a chelating agent is compared. If it is determined that the heavy metals are from past exposure, then this means that the patient most likely has tissue storage of this toxic metals.
Some of the heavy metals that are tested include: mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, etc.

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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Do you have chronic health symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, gas, cravings, mental fogginess and a hard time losing weight and you are not sure why?

Live Blood Cell Analysis will tell you what your nutritional imbalances are and what kind of detox you need to feel better. With just 1 drop of blood you can find out just how healthy you really are! Our blood has all the answers.

Live blood samples are magnified 1,500 times under a microscope and displayed on a monitor for you to see. Using darkfield technology, warning signs of illness can be detected by studying the shape and function of the red blood cells, including: Free Radical Damage, Arterial Plaque, Organ Stress, Nutritional Imbalances, Hormonal Imbalances, Bacteria/Candida/Yeast/Fungi, undigested fat and proteins, Iron or B12 Deficiencies, Inflammation, and Acid/Alkaline balance.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test

Digestive complaints are among the most common reasons that individuals seek medical care. The Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology test is an invaluable non-invasive diagnostic assessment that allows us to identify the status of beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, yeast/fungus and parasites. Precise identification of pathogenic species greatly facilitates the selection of the most appropriate pharmaceutical or natural treatment agent(s).

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This test is indicated if you suffer from the following digestive symptoms:

• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Gas and Bloating
• Mal absorption
• Leaky gut syndrome
• Infection
• Yeast/ Candida growth
• Bacteria overgrowth
• Parasite overgrowth
• Abdominal pain
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

It also helps us identify the efficiency of digestion and absorption of your food & as well as the extent of inflammation in your digestive tract.
Cornerstones of good health include proper digestion of food, assimilation of nutrients, exclusion of pathogens and timely elimination of waste. Poor digestion and malabsorption of vital nutrients can cause many diseases, lower our immune system and makes feel unwell.

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