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Naturopathic Consultations

Naturopathic Doctors are the general practitioners of natural medicine. This type of medicine is a unique and comprehensive approach to improving health and treating illness. Focusing on prevention, and using natural, non-toxic substances, naturopathic doctors support and stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. The primary goal is to address the cause of illness, rather than simply treating or suppressing symptoms.

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Individuals are seen as a whole person. The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of their health are taken into account when diagnosing and developing an individualized treatment plan.
Treatments involve a combination of different modalities such as: Nutrition, Supplements, Botanicals (herbs), Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Counselling.
The safety record of Naturopathic Medicine is excellent. Side effects are rare and Naturopathic Doctors are knowledgeable about possible contraindications and/or interactions with conventional medications.

How are Naturopathic Doctors trained?

Naturopathic Doctors (ND) must study at least seven years to become eligible to be licensed to practice as a Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario. They follow the same University pre-medical education as Medical Doctors. The Naturopathic portion of the program comprises 4 full time years of dedicated training leading to a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.

Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by OHIP?

Even though our services are not covered by OHIP, they are covered by most extended health care insurance plans. Check your insurance policy for coverage.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the main modalities that can be used during a Naturopathic treatment. It is a system of medicine developed in the 18th century by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the Law of Similars that is observed in nature. This Law states that “the totality of symptoms produced by a substance in a healthy person will cure the same totality of symptoms in an ill person”. In other words, a homeopathic substance that will cause a cough in a healthy person, can cure a similar cough and restore health in an ill person.
Homeopathic medicines can be made from plant, animal, or mineral products which are so diluted that there is not chance of toxicity at all. These remedies are then used to influence the body’s innate power of healing.

Who can be helped with Naturopathic Medicine?

A Naturopathic Doctor is a primary care physician and patients of every age and stage of life (from infants to elders) have been helped with this Medicine. Many of our patients come to us with:
  • Long standing, chronic conditions
  • Distressing acute illness
  • For health and lifestyle education and prevention

You don’t have to be sick to want to feel better.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

  • Low energy / stress
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia
  • Candida overgrowth (Yeast)
  • Asthma / Allergies (Food / environmental)
  • Arthritis (Osteo / Rheumatoid)
  • High Blood Pressure / High cholesterol
  • Skin problems (eczema, acne, psoriasis)
  • Weight control
  • Digestive tract problems (constipation, IBS, IBD, Colitis, heartburn)
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Low Immune system / Cold and flu
  • Stress / Anxiety / Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Women’s concerns:
    • Menopause
    • PMS / Menstrual cramps
    • Infertility
    • Endometriosis / Uterine Fibroids
    • Osteoporosis
    • Enhancing health during Pregnancy
  • Children’s concerns:
    • Recurrent ear infections
    • Recurrent Sore Throats
    • Enlarged Adenoids
    • Eczema / psoriasis
    • ADD / ADHD / Autism
    • Food sensitivities
    • Heavy Metal toxicity

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Vitamin Injection Therapy

Intravenous therapy is a way of delivering high doses of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream where your body can easily and quickly access them. Vitamins, and minerals are delivered immediately and directly fed to the cells. Nothing gets lost inside our digestive tract (which is the case when we take vitamins orally).

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Why not just take oral vitamins/supplements?

1. Many people don’t absorb vitamins very well through their digestive system. Much of what you take orally never finds its way into your bloodstream, particularly if you have digestive troubles, or are taking medications. IV therapy ensures that nutrients get to where they’re needed.
2. Your digestive system can have a hard time with high doses of vitamins. Taking large doses of vitamin C orally, for example, might upset your stomach—with IV therapy, your body can tolerate much higher (and more helpful) amounts.
3. Your body can access the nutrients better when they’re in your bloodstream, and that means IV’s can often give us better results, faster. For example, an individual receiving 1 g of Vitamin C in intravenous therapy will use up that dosage 10 times more as opposed to just taking 1 g of Vitamin C orally.
In order to treat certain health concerns, we need to absorb high levels of certain vitamins or minerals in our bloodstream to achieve a therapeutic effect. Many times, these levels are impossible to obtain simply by taking oral vitamins.
Dr. Miranda, ND is a qualified practitioner and she will screen you appropriately to make sure the injections are the right choice for you. This way IV therapy is safe and carries a low risk of side effects.

What vitamin treatments are available at the clinic?

1.- B-shot
This is an intra-muscular treatment. Depending on each patient, a combination of B12, B6, folic acid and magnesium may be used. The main health concerns that these will help with are: - Low energy - Weight loss - Low metabolism - Vitamin B12 deficiency
2.- Meyer’s Cocktail:
Both, the small Meyer’s and large Meyer’s are intravenous therapy. These cocktails are a combination of vitamins and minerals that were created more than 30 years ago by Dr. John Meyers. They contains a combination of magnesium, calcium, vitamins B5, B6, B12, C, Selenium, Zinc and a B complex. The amount of each nutrient is determined by the health concern that is being treated. It takes approximately 15-40 minutes to deliver the vitamin treatment (depending on the size of the IV). The main health concerns that this cocktail will help with are:
  • Low Energy
  • Adrenal Fatigue/Stress
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Mood Swings & Irritability
  • Insomnia – racing thoughts
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Premenstrual syndrome – PMS
  • Hypertension
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Muscle aches & pain & tension
  • Muscle cramps & spasms
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Detoxification (we add glutathione)

Immune cocktail:
Intravenous treatments of higher levels of vitamin C are used to treat patients with low immune system, inflammation and auto-immune problems. These cocktails will have a minimum of 20 g of Vit C plus other essential vitamin and minerals necessary to boost up or to modulate the immune system. These levels of nutrients are impossible to achieve by just taking oral vitamin C or a multivitamin. The main health concerns that this cocktail can help with are:
- Autoimmune disorders
- Inflammatory conditions (systemic or local)
- Acute & chronic infections
- Frequent colds & flus
- Post surgical wound healing
- Seasonal allergies
- Shingles
- Crohn’s disease & colitis

High Vitamin C Anti-Cancer cocktail:
These treatments allow us to deliver much higher levels of vitamin C in the blood than what is possible to obtain when taken orally. High Vitamin C anti-cancer cocktail has been studied as a therapy for cancer since the 1970s. The vitamin C creates hydrogen peroxide in high concentration which damages the DNA of the cancer levels, shuts down their energy supply and kills them outright. Best of all, it does so without harming any of the healthy cells.
These treatments can help to slow the growth and spread of different cancers. They also help to improve quality of life, symptoms of fatigue, pain, appetite loss, as well as improve physical, mental and emotional function.

Bio-Identical Hormone therapy

Bio-Identical Hormones
Bio-identical hormones AKA natural hormones or BHRT, refer to hormones that are identical to the ones that we naturally have in our bodies. These natural hormones are very different to the synthetic hormones normally used in conventional medicine and therefore, they don’t have the same side effects. Conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is composed of synthetic estrogen (oral estrone) and synthetic progesterone (progestin) and they carry unacceptable risks of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes. The use of bioidentical hormones in dosages that restore normal physiological levels are safe and even protective against many diseases.

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Almost everyone over the age of 40 (and sometimes even 30) begin to experience symptoms of hormonal imbalances. This can be due to environmental or dietary toxins or from stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Excess or deficiencies of different hormones can cause health problems. At the clinic, we use accurate and comprehensive lab testing to create a personalized treatment plan for you. These treatments can help you enjoy robust health, strong bones and energy of someone half your age.

What natural hormones do we offer?

  • Natural estrogen
  • Natural progesterone
  • -Natural thyroid AKA desiccated thyroid

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

  • PMS, headaches and foggy thinking
  • Irritability, mood swings and depression
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Low energy
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal dryness and/or pain with intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Irregular or heavy periods

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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractors are drugless practitioners whose main form of treatment is manual therapy. Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the belief that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system.

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After a thorough history is taken and a comprehensive physical exam performed, your chiropractor will be able to tell you if your complaint is amenable to chiropractic care.
Chiropractic therapy usually consists of soft tissue therapy, stretching, mobilization and manipulation of joints that may be stiff or not moving as freely as normal. Remedial exercises are prescribed and strategies to prevent further injury are discussed.
Chiropractors treat neck and lower back pain as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist problems, and hip, knee and ankle injuries. Chiropractic treatment can also be effective for TMJ (jaw) problems, headaches, sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Come in and meet our chiropractor for a consultation. She looks forward to helping you to make your body a more comfortable place to live!

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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis: Your body’s health in just one drop of blood!
Do you have foggy thinking, feeling bloated and gassy or think you have Candida? Then you may want to consider Live Blood Cell analysis. With just one drop of blood (painlessly taken from your fingertip), viewed under a darkfield microscope, the image is transferred onto a TV monitor where you see your living cells moving and working. The results are analyzed immediately. By recognizing nutritional imbalances and early signs of health concerns, you now have the advantage to make changes in a direction which will improve your health.

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Seeing what is actually happening in your blood is one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences you will ever go through.
Live Blood Cell analysis can show cellular distortions and patterns in your blood plasma. This helps to identify nutritional imbalances that are affecting your current health as well as a predictor to your future health (well before symptoms appear).
So what other aspects of your health that Live Blood Cell analysis would show?
• low levels of iron, B12
• low essential fatty acids.
• liver stress
• heavy metal presence
• undesirable fungal forms
• bowel toxicity
• arterial plaque
• incomplete digestion of proteins
• decreased immunity
• leaky gut
• free radical damage
• low antioxidants
Live Blood Cell is also a good tool to monitor changes. This is particularly valuable when Live Blood Cell is used at the start of a program to see what cellular distortions and blood patterns show in the blood, and then again at the end of the program, to see and compare what changes have taken place since following the recommendations from your initial visit.

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Colonic Therapy

Despite daily eliminations, many people are not aware that they may have a bowel problem. Very often, the complete length of the colon is impacted with old, hardened fecal matter leaving only a narrow channel of the small, softer feces to pass through. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. This is a restorative, painless procedure, which is highly effective and incredibly beneficial.

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While the patient lies comfortably on an examining table, a small speculum is inserted into the rectum. The therapist then monitors the temperature of the water infused into and out of the large intestine. Colonics cleanses the entire colon of built up and old waste; without causing stress to the individual.
Stainless steel speculums are sterilized at 450 degress for 45 minutes AFTER EVERY TREATMENT. The water used, first goes through a double filtering system in order to remove all the chlorine and any sediments. All the waste material is eliminated through the instrument to a drain line avoiding any offensive odours during the treatment.
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Are you experiencing these symptoms?

• Constipation/gas/bloating
• Diarrhea
• Atonic (Sluggish) colon
• Colitis / Crohn’s disease
• Spastic Colon / IBS
• Diverticulosis
• Liver congestion / toxicity
• Bad breath and coated tongue
• Hemorrhoids
• Parasites
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Skin problems
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Dark Circles
• Depression
• Body Odour

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Weight loss Program

Our First Line Therapy (FLT)

Our First Line Therapy (FLT) program is clinically effective in helping people change unhealthy lifestyle habits. This evidence based approach provides education and guidance to patients in a format that they can understand and follow for life.

  • The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) has published scientific evidence supporting how lifestyle interventions is a type of medicine that should be used as a first-line treatment for many common and chronic health problems – even before the use of conventional medication.
  • We live in a society that half of medication users believe their doctors are too eager to write a prescription when other non-pharmacological options are available.
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What makes this program different?

  • It is designed to improve body composition (which is monitored throughout the program), not just weight or BMI. It helps patients maintain muscle as they lose fat. This is necessary for permanent weight loss.
  • The program is supervised by the Naturopathic Doctor and patients are guided by a Holistic Nutritionist who acts as their Lifestyle Educator / coach for best results.
  • The Food Plan is different. Based on a modified Mediterranean diet, patients report less hunger, fewer cravings, more energy, and higher compliance than with commonly recommended low-fat diets.
  • Medical Foods could be used as accelerators to achieve quicker results.
  • It is effective in treating obesity, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and type 2 diabetes. This is imperative in order to decrease risks for Cardiovascular disease.
  • FLT has been demonstrated to be effective in controlled clinical trials. Most other diets have not.

Are you experiencing?

  • Overweight / Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High blood sugar / Insulin Resistance
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome

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Ionic Detox Therapy

Ionic Detox Treatments (Foot Baths)
The Ionic Detox treatment works with an array, which is placed into the footbath of water along with the feet. The unit first delivers a small current into the array, causing the metals within the array to react with the water and sea salt, generating positively and negatively charged ions. The ions create an osmotic field in the water that pulls neutralized toxins out of the body, through the sweat glands of the feet.

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Many colours become visible in the water during the treatment, resulting from the reaction between the toxins in the water, sea salt, the metals in the array, and the acidity or alkalinity of the individual. Depending on what part of your body is being purified, the observed colours in the water will be different:

Colour or Particle Material or Area of the Body
Yellow-Green Detoxifying from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area
Orange Detoxifying from joints
Brown Detoxifying from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
Black Detoxifying from liver
Dark green Detoxifying from gallbladder
White foam Lymphatic system
White cheese-like particles Most likely yeast
Black Flecks Heavy Metals
Red Flecks Blood Clot material

Are you experiencing these symptoms

  • Low energy / tire easily
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Increased Stress / Hard time concentrating
  • Sensitive to chemical odours
  • Slow recovery from illness
  • Headaches / migraines
  • Overweight
  • Smoke / Drug use
  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • PMS / breasts or ovarian cysts
  • Cold circulation = cold hands and feet
  • Irritable, impatient, tense or agitated
  • Consume, chocolate and baked treats.
  • Use bleach, detergents, household cleaners
  • Drink alcohol, coffee/tea, pop regularly

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Acupuncture is a system of health care that has been effectively used for thousands of years. It has been tested clinically by Western medicine in the treatment of chronic pain, infertility, and many other health concerns. At the clinic, we offer 2 different models of Acupuncture treatments. During the visit, a thorough assessment is made in order to determine which approach (or combination of models) is more appropriate:

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1.- Western approach to specific dry needling and motor point acupuncture
This approach is indicated whenever there is a neurological and/or muscular health concern. Patients who benefit from this approach are those with conditions such as sciatica, muscle spasms, trigger points, local back pain, etc.
2.- Traditional Chinese Medical model
This model is a system of techniques used to enhance the flow of vital energy (chi) in our body. It involves the stimulation of certain specific points on the body along channels of energy (meridians). Acupuncture points are stimulated by a combination of inserting needles, withdrawing needles, and applying heat (“moxibustion”). Pain, swelling and inflammation is created in our bodies, when blood and chi in the meridians become blocked. The goal would be to harmonize the system by balancing the flow in these channels. Acupuncture is an effective method for achieving this.
Are you experiencing these symptoms?
• Injury to muscle, tendons, ligaments
• Back pain
• Sciatica or other neurologic impairments
• Headaches / migraines
• Sports injuries
• Joint pain and swelling
• Hormonal imbalances (PMS, Infertility, etc.)
• Digestive Tract Problems
• Anxiety / Depression

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It is based on the principle that we have reflexes in our feet that correspond to different parts, organs, and tissues of our body. Reflexology is the art and science of applying pressure in these specific reflexes to relax, relieve stress, and pain in the body. Historically there is evidence of this medical practice dating back to 2330 BCE (Egypt), 2704 BCE (China), and 690 BCE (Japan).

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Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. The main benefits or Reflexology is in the reduction of stress, improving circulation, reducing pain, soothing tired feet, and encouraging overall healing.
It is meant to compliment other types of medical care. It should not replace it.
Are you experiencing these symptoms?
  • Stress / tension/anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Irritability/Impatience/Rage
  • Chronic Pain/arthritis/Back Pain
  • Poor circulation – cold hands and feet
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Post partum depression/anxiety
  • Tension Headaches
  • Insomnia

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