Boost Energy & Low Immune System

We live in a society that is go go go. It is amazing to see how many people function feeling really exhausted and tired all the time. It is important to pay attention to this because low energy is often the first sign that something is up with your health- and just adding another cup of coffee is not the right solution!

Low energy can very quickly lead to a low immune system putting you at risk for recurrent colds or flus as well as inflammatory problems and autoimmunity health concerns.

When patients complaint of low energy or a low immune system, the objective is to figure out the root cause of the problem. There is no “one size fits all” approach to energy recovery.

IV vitamin treatments are common therapy used to recover energy quickly and effectively. The vitamin cocktail is tailored to each individual depending on the reason for their fatigue and results of any needed functional tests.

IV Vitamin Treatments or IM vitamin shots

IV or IM vitamin treatments is a way of delivering high doses of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream where your body can easily and quickly access them. Vitamins, and minerals are delivered immediately and directly fed to the cells. Nothing gets lost inside your digestive tract (which is usually the case when you take vitamins orally).

Why not just take oral vitamins/supplements?

Many people don’t absorb vitamins very well through their digestive system. Much of what you take orally never finds its way into your bloodstream, particularly if you have digestive troubles, or are taking medications. IV therapy ensures that nutrients get to where they’re needed.

Your digestive system can have a hard time with high doses of vitamins. Taking large doses of vitamin C orally, for example, might upset your stomach—with IV therapy, your body can tolerate much higher (and more helpful) amounts.

Your body can access the nutrients better when they’re in your bloodstream, and that means IV’s can often give us better results, faster. For example, an individual receiving 1 g of Vitamin C in intravenous therapy will use up that dosage 10 times more as opposed to just taking 1 g of Vitamin C orally.

In order to treat certain health concerns, we need to absorb high levels of certain vitamins or minerals in our bloodstream to achieve a therapeutic effect. Many times, these levels are impossible to obtain simply by taking oral vitamins.

Dr. Miranda, ND is a qualified practitioner and she will screen you appropriately to make sure the injections are the right choice for you. This way IV therapy is safe and carries a low risk of side effects.

What vitamins treatments are available at the clinic?

Meyer’s Cocktail (IV) – This is one of our more popular IVs used with patients. This will help patients dealing with stress, fatigue, recurrent infections (colds, flu, etc), chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammation, menstrual irregularities, menstrual cramps, headaches, overall tension, insomnia, brain fog, general malaise, and depression.

Mood Support Formula (IV) – this formula includes many relaxing nutrients and amino acids. This will help patients with adrenal stress or when patients are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, general agitation and overwhelm. It is for patients who feel they are on adrenalin all the time. This IV formula will help you to relax your body, nervous system, moods and adrenal glands.

Neurological Formula (IV) – this formula helps patients who are dealing with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Bell’s Palsy, brain tumours, seizures, etc. Reduction of glutathione levels and increased body burden of toxins such as heavy metals are hallmarks in the beginning of neurodegenerative disorders. This IV helps support these processes.

Cardiovascular Formula (IV) – this formula helps patients with high blood pressure, build-up of plaque in arteries, congestive heart failure, angina, TIA, and for those who would like to prevent heart attacks and strokes. The main focus is to improve endothelial function, increase the elasticity of the vessel and eventually increase nitric oxide.

Skin Health Formula (IV) – this formula helps patients who would like to improve their general skin glow and tone. Over time sunrays and other toxins can create cellular damage which causes skin changes. Vitamin C and other antioxidants and amino acids can help with skin tone and discoloration.

Fat Burner shot (IM) – for patients who are having a hard time losing weight. It is an excellent complement to a healthy eating plan. It helps to boost your metabolism and treat insulin resistance. Most patients feel like they lose more weight the weeks they get a shot vs the weeks when they don’t get this shot.

Destress Me Shot (IM) – For patients who are feeling tired, stressed and with adrenal fatigue or burnout. It has a combination of nutrients to help give you energy, support your adrenal glands and make you feel more resilient.

Detox Shot (IM) – Give your liver a boost to help clear toxins from your body more effectively. Our current lifestyles and diets lead most people to have liver congestion and therefore a reduced ability to detoxify.

Booster shot (drinkable) – Boost your immune system from inside out. This shot is one of our most popular ones. Studies has shown that it helps to decrease your frequency and intensity of colds and flus. Most of our patients get it once a month during the winter months! Great for patients of all ages.

Allergy shot (drinkable) – Excellent for patients who do not want to rely on anti-histamines. This shot will help with symptoms of hay fever, itchiness, hives, etc. either seasonal or all year-round allergies.

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