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IM Vitamin Shots

Intra-muscular (IM) vitamin injections (in the muscle) are painless and effective treatments that allow us to deliver nutrients to our body in a more direct and faster way compared to taking vitamins orally. When we inject vitamins, we are using up the nutrients 10x more than when we take supplements. It allows us to give you more therapeutic dosages so that you can feel better quicker.

Drinkable Shots

The Drinkable shots have specific combinations of homeopathic remedies that are intended to boost your immune system in different ways. These well studied shots encourage your body to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are absorbed in the mouth making the drinkable option an ideal method of delivering the remedies for a fast and effective response.

Fat Burner Shot(IM)Having a hard time losing weight? Why not try our Fat Burner Shot to help you boost your metabolism? You will lose more weight the weeks you get this popular shot.
Destress Shot(IM)Stress and chaos got your adrenals feeling defeated? Give them some love to help super charge your energy and keep your body balanced.
Booster Shot (drinkable)Boost your immune system from the inside out. This shot has been proven to decrease your frequency and intensity of colds and flus. Great during the winter months!
Revive Me Shot(drinkable)For the burned out, exhausted and weak patient. This drinkable shot will not only give you a boost of energy but also a boost to your performance and sex drive!
Allergy Shot (drinkable)Don’t want to rely on anti-histamines? This shot will help symptoms of hay fever, itchiness, hives, etc. – either seasonal or all year-round allergies.
Balance me Shot(drinkable)Time to go from “Hormone Hell” to “Hormone Well”. This shot can help balance any hormonal irregularities such as: PMS, heavy or painful periods, hot flashes or mood swings.
Detox Shot (IM or nebulized)Give your liver a boost to help clear toxins from your body more effectively. This glutathone shot is the strongest antioxidant known to humans. It will help detoxify, brighten your skin and fight the signs of aging.

Phone Consults Available

Phone Consultations now available for all follow up appointments with Dr. Miranda for Patients who are unable to come to the clinic for their consultation.