Testimonials – 6-Week MasterClass

CD – 56 yrs old

The best part of the group class was the presentation of information. It was excellent! I also loved the overall participation of others and hearing their suggestions. I feel much better, healthier and more energetic.

LG – 65 yrs old

I didn’t know what to expect at first and I feel I received so much more information that I could have imagined. It was interesting to share experiences with the other ladies. A group can be very supportive and encouraging. It is a fast way to disseminate a lot of information quickly. Other participant’s questions are good to suggest various areas of interest, concerns, things I haven’t thought of. I achieved my weight goal. My stiffness, achiness has improved dramatically. My water intake has also improved significantly and I can see the benefits for sure. This one has been a struggle but I think I can maintain it. I feel clearer, less fogginess. I am much more aware of how to plan my diet for the day.

GT – 67 yrs old

I loved the body composition tracking results. I met some lovely ladies and loved hearing about successes at the beginning of each class. I loved the constant re-enforcement of adding things to each week. I have had a huge improvement in detoxification, my hunger is reduced, I have lost weight. I have less insulin spikes resulting in a huge improvement with lack of sweating.

IR – 75 yrs old

I loved having the opportunity to compare notes and experiences. I am on the mend. Thank you!

MF – 70 yrs old

I loved the ambiance and sharing notes with others. I have less body pain and more energy.

MW- 54 yrs old

I thoroughly enjoyed the small class sizes, the layout of the handout, the recipes. Overall this course has heightened my awareness as to what I am eating, the benefits of having the increased knowledge of a healthier and whole diet. I have way less sugar cravings, I am not as tired in the afternoon and I no longer feel stiffness in my joints

JY – 64 yrs old

The best part of the class were the body composition measurements, sharing experiences with the other ladies and the presentations. I lost weight and I am feeling more energized. This Masterclass has made me more aware of what I eat

TB – 55 yrs old

The best part of the class were the slides and the open discussion. Now I understand the meaning of “feeling great again”.

AS- 62 yrs old

My energy level is better, skin and bowel movements have improved too. I enjoyed learning how hormones impact the body and what to do about it.

EB – 64 yrs old

I am not feeling as fatigued and bloated. I loved sharing feedback and discussions from all the other members from the group.

SM – 49 yrs old

My health has improved a lot! Implementing small changes has increased my happiness and restfulness. I am so grateful!