10 Tips To Keep Healthy During The Holidays

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10 Tips To Keep Healthy During The Holidays

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

We all look forward to the holiday season because it is a time when we get some time off, celebrate life and get together with family and friends who we haven’t seen for so long. But have you ever worried about how to avoid eating too much unhealthy foods and gaining weight during these celebrations? For many the holidays equals a weight gain of at least 5-7 lbs. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips that you can follow over the next few weeks:

1.- Before each celebration do a little mental preparation. This will help you to stay focused on achieving your health goals. Remind yourself beforehand what you most desire:
– You want to get strong
– You want to lose weight
– You want to feel healthy
– You want to heal your body
– You want to get your body back into balance
– You want to feel good again

2.- Skip the carbohydrates before and after the event. As you may know eating too many carbohydrates will turn into sugar and therefore fat. Reserve your 1-2 daily servings for during the celebration.

3.- Never arrive to the event hungry. This is a big mistake. You will end up eating more.

4.- Focus on socializing and not on the food. Don’t stay around the food table.

5.- Control your portions by choosing a small plate.

6.- Eat slowly and savor the food and never go back for seconds

7.- Don’t focus on what you can’t eat but focus on what you can.

8.- Offer to bring a dish – make it healthy, low in calories and high in nutrition. Some examples can be the following:
– Juicy watermelon chunks
– Juicy pineapple chunks
– Platter of Veggie dippers
– Guacamole, hummus and dips with whole wheat pita quarters
– Big colourful salads
– Mixture of different grilled vegetables, flavoured & tasty dressings, herbs and lemon juice
– Grated carrot or beetroot
– Grilled fish, grilled chicken or grilled zucchini
– Stuffed red peppers
– Grilled tomatoes
– Yogurt & fruit & nut mix

9.- How to deal with food and drink pushers?
In any get together, you may encounter the food and drink pushers and not necessarily with healthy options but unfortunately with foods such as the good old egg nog, cookies, dessert and more. Do NOT give in. Keep a glass of water on hand at all times or a small plate filled with vegetables so you can assure them you have already been taken care of.

10.- What to do with leftovers?

SEND THEM WITH THE GUESTS!! That way they aren’t around and tempting you for days after the party. Leftovers often lead to more weight gain than the meal itself — especially around the holidays.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

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