Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Now that the weather is getting colder, everybody is thinking of ways to boost up their immune system and prevent any colds or flus (Influenza). A natural alternative or a complementary treatment to the conventional Flu Shot is the use of complex homeopathy. The specific combination of GRIPP and ENGYSTOL have been successfully used by many Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine since 2002. The Journal of Biomedical Therapy (Winter 2002 pg 14) published an article with the summary of the results of the study:

– The length of time from the last booster shot until the outbreak of the next case of flu or common cold was an average of 34 days, in contrast to 19 days for the placebo group.

– The booster shot favourably influenced the intensity of 11 of 16 characteristics of the flu or common cold; such as energy level, lack of appetite, thirst, insomnia, chills, sore throat, earache, pain in arms and legs, headache, nasal secretions, swelling of lymph nodes, runny nose, coughing, etc.

– The booster shot decreased the length of the illness compared to the placebo group.

These benefits have been largely confirmed in clinical practice. The Natural Booster Shot has absolutely NO side effects. In fact, if used together with the conventional flu shot, it can actually help to minimize the flu shot’s possible harmful side effects.

The Natural Booster Shot is most effective for the 34 days after the administration of the injectable form of the remedy. Most patients come in once per month for their injection during the winter months (usually starting at the beginning of October to May). It is recommended to receive the shot every 3 weeks if someone has a compromised or lower immune system.

The drinkable form is also available for children or for those adults who prefer not to receive an injection.

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