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Are You Dehydrated? 7 Signs you are not Getting Enough Water

Are you dehydrated yet you feel you’re drinking enough liquids? If you are not consuming enough water your body will let you know it.

Last month one of our clients, Kimberley was concerned about how the colour of her urine was very dark. When we asked her if she was consuming enough water throughout the day she said she drinks the occasional small paper cup of water from the office cooler. During her working day she drinks coffee. I explained that dark coloured urine is a sign of her body trying to eliminate high amounts of waste material, and by drinking more water it will help to flush this waste material through her kidneys and this will help her feel healthier and less inflammed. My suspicion was confirmed when I did her Live Blood cell analysis because I saw very clear sign of her dehydration and her body being way too acidic.

Here are some of the other benefits which you will discover when you start to drink more water:

  1. More Energy will improve your blood circulation.
  2. Not hungry as much. It could be thirst that is causing the rumbling in your stomach.
  3. Better nutrition as water assists in absorbing nutrients and transporting them throughout the body to the cells.
  4. Do you have headaches during the day? Being dehydrated lowers oxygen and blood flow to the brain giving you a headache.
  5. Water softens the stools and lubricates the colon making it easier for bowel
    movements to pass.
  6. Dry skin and eyes? Your body needs more water to moisture and lubricate the tissues of your skin and eyes.
  7. Water also lubricates joints and it will with stiffness in the morning.

Try to take between 6-8 cups of water per day. For a refreshing glass of water add a slice of lemon or lime or even a slice of cucumber. Refreshing!


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