Natural Progesterone…May Just Be Your New Best Friend

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August 1, 2018
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Natural Progesterone…May Just Be Your New Best Friend

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND.

Do you feel headaches, agitated, heart palpitations, racing thoughts at night, water retention, and breast tenderness worse before your period?

This is called premenstrual syndrome or PMS.  PMS doesn’t only have to be mood swings and irritability (although it can be) but it can also be various other physical symptoms that can put us out of commission for up to 2 weeks before our period.

PMS can be very problematic. It is estimated that 70-90% of women suffer from it to some level. In 20-40% of women, the symptoms can be severe.  I once met a patient that would feel suicidal every month before her period.

PMS often gets misdiagnosed as depression, panic attacks, eating disorders or various other personality disorders.

But, did you know that there could be a very simple answer to this problem?

Low progesterone! 

 And if this is your problem then I have good news for you! Patients who are treated properly have a 90% success rate in feeling better.

How do we test for this?  A simple hormone saliva test  that is usually done on day 19, 20 or 21 of your cycle.

How is this treated?  We use a natural progesterone cream.

So what is natural progesterone cream?  It is a cream made from the fats and oils of wild yam or from soybeans.   It is considered a bio-identical hormone which is very different to the synthetic hormones normally used in conventional medicine and therefore, they don’t have the same side effects.

The use of natural progesterone in dosages that restore physiological levels are safe and even protective against many diseases.  Natural progesterone acts as a diuretic and it has a very calming effect in our bodies.

When women start using natural progesterone cream after being deficient on this hormone for a long time, they usually feel so much calmer, their headaches, bloating & breast tenderness reduces.

Here is what some women say about it:

  • “It is as if my body can breath again.”
  • “My life is back on track and my symptoms are gone.”
  • “I thought my ability to think clearly was gone for good, but it’s back and better than ever.”
  • “I can sleep again and I’m much less moody and anxious”

If you have been suffering with PMS, call us today.  It is time to get your life back on track and start feeling better.



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