Written by Dr Sandra Miranda, ND

No matter what you have been told, you don’t have to just live with PMS.  You also don’t have to rely on taking the birth control pill (a synthetic hormone) or an anti-depressant every day of the year to control your symptoms.

Your solution starts with providing a foundation of support that enables your body to make and balance its hormones as it is intended to do.

Good nutrition and proper dietary supplements foster appropriate levels of hormones (especially progesterone) at key times throughout the month.

So what can you do?

  1. B vitamins and magnesium – these are the main nutrients that our bodies need to produce more progesterone. Many times PMS symptoms occur due to high estrogens and not enough progesterone to balance it out.
  2. Raspberry leaf tea – I love to recommend this tea. There is one made by a company called Traditional Medicinal.  It acts as a hormonal balancer.  You can drink this tea all month long or at the very least, drink it starting on day 14 of your menstrual cycle until you period comes.
  3. Chasteberry – this is awesome herb that also helps to increase production of progesterone and therefore, it is very effective at decreasing PMS symptoms.
  4. Exercise – can help with cramps, heavy period and bloating. Exercise gives you benefits that no pill will ever give you.
  5. Natural progesterone cream – If everything else fails, visit a naturopathic doctor who is experienced in prescribing bio-identical hormones. After properly testing you and making sure that this is what you need, a right prescription of natural progesterone cream will help to balance your hormones to the point that you won’t even remember that your period is coming!!

It is possible for you to change your monthly experience. Don’t suffer unnecessarily.