Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Finding a breast lump can be really scary and many go through this news in silence.  This happened to a dear patient of mine call Tia.  Her medical doctor found a lump during a routine physical exam which led to a series of appointments – from mammograms, to ultrasounds to biopsies… She felt guilty for not having checked her breasts sooner, gosh, she had no idea how long that lump had been there.  From not wanting to touch her breast, to her fear of the big “C” word, to not wanting to even talk about it, Tia’s anxiety skyrocketed and she was suffering alone not wanting to worry her family. 

Eventually, she thankfully decided to open up and shared her story and fears with me.   Right away I assured her that more than 80% of lumps end up being benign but that it was important that she continues going through the tests to find out exactly what we were dealing with.  We also discussed the different unhealthy nutritional and lifestyle habits that can trigger the growth of lumps in our breasts.  She did some extra functional blood tests which helped us to put together an individualized plan to balance not only her sex hormones but also her thyroid and lymphatics.

She was so relieved to learn all this information.  She felt empowered.  Even though she was still waiting for the results of all the tests, she did not feel helpless anymore.  After all, we all know that without hope during dark times, we have nothing at all.

Thankfully a few weeks later, her biopsy came back negative- it was benign!  Also by then, she had made important changes in her diet and lifestyle to not only prevent further growth of that lump but also to prevent further breast problems.  She was actually grateful for the experience because it was a real wake up call for her.  Today, Tia is a strong advocate for women being proactive with the health of their breasts. 

Tia was one of the lucky ones.  But you don’t need to wait until you get a scare like hers.  You can learn how to keep your breast healthy from home.  This is especially important if you have a family health history of breast cancer or if you have the past history of lumpy, dense or painful breasts or if you have taken hormones (ie Birth control pill, for fertility, IUD or hormone replacement therapy) in the past.

I’m inviting a small group of women to join me in a 3-week program that will be staring on Wednesday called:

“Best Breast Care at Home with Dr. Miranda, ND”

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I will explain natural tips to keep our girls healthy and free of tenderness and lumps. This is such an important topic and there is so many misconceptions out there that need to be clarified.

I really hope you can join us!