Craving Connection?

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January 28, 2021
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Craving Connection?

Written by Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

Can you believe it’s been over a year since the pandemic started here?

As we all head into the 2nd year of this crazy time with lockdowns, masks and quarantines still very much a part of our lives, many people are craving true connection.

Connection with family, friends, meeting new people, or just being able to go the mall or a restaurant with or without a mask … it all sounds like such a treat now.

We are still a long way from things being back to normal and that craving for connection still weighs heavily on many people.

Being that February is known as the month to celebrate love and it’s also heart health month, I thought I’d share a few insights that have works for me to ease my craving for connection … I call it “Sharing my Heart”.

Every Sunday, I pick a friend that I have not done a good job of staying in touch with, someone who I really like, but somehow life got in the way and we drifted apart.   I send them a simple text, or email, or Facebook message, something like:

Hi Name, how are you?

When they reply, I say “One thing Covid has done is make me realize how many friends I took for granted! You are one of those people in my life that I just loved spending time with, but haven’t connected in ages. How about we each grab a tea at home and jump on a zoom call together and hang out … you up for that?

If they agree, we schedule it and make it happen. Sometimes a few of us jump online together, sometimes it just me and an old friend catching up.

I have rekindled so many relationships from this simple exercise; it has been the absolute best part of this long pandemic.  It has also allowed me to help friends who have also been having a hard time in their lockdowns.

If you are craving connection too, I encourage you to go through your phone contacts and pick 1 or 2 friends and share your heart, it will help with both your mood, your sanity, your connections … and might just brighten your friends day/ week/life too. 

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