Top 3 Healthy Fats to Look Beautiful

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June 14, 2019
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Top 3 Healthy Fats to Look Beautiful

Written by Florence Caie (Cert Holistic Nutritionist & Colon Therapist)                                                                                                                                 

Want to have beautiful skin, hair, nails, lose weight and no PMS?

Here are 3 good fats that will help you achieve these goals!

1. Flax Seeds – a hormone balancer.

By consuming 2 tbsp per day of ground flax seed or flax meal, and adding them to your smoothies, or sprinkle on your cereal, these good fats have an effect in balancing your hormones and reducing PMS.

2. Avocados – for beautiful skin

Avocados stimulate anti-wrinkle collagen, and together with being rich in Vitamin E, makes them the ideal food for a healthy complexion. Add an avocado to your smoothies, chop in a salad or spread on gluten free toast for a quick snack.  

3. MCT oil from coconut – for weight loss

Add 1 tbsp of MCT oil in your salads keeping you fuller for a longer period of time thereby helping you with weight loss and decreasing cravings.

If you think you are already having most of these good fats in your diet and you are still not having the shine and the glow in your skin, hair and nails, then it could be that you are not absorbing these good fats.

Live Blood Cell Analysis!

Live blood cell analysis can help you determine if this is your problem. If you are not absorbing your good fats then you may not be absorbing other essential nutrients which you need for you to look and feel your best.

A typical patient who is not absorbing their fats will have their red blood cells looking like this – misshapen and not looking round like a grape.

Healthy red blood cell should look like this – round

Let’s make sure that you are absorbing all of the good fats you are eating.  Schedule a Live Blood Cell appointment with Florence at the Miranda Naturopathic Clinic today to find out if you really are deficient in good fats. Keep healthy!

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